Producing face brick
since 1957

Cerâmica do Vale da Gândara was created in 1957. Located in the center of Portugal, between the mountains of Buçaco and Caramulo, in 1994, it became the first and only national company designed from scratch for the production of Face à Vista brick and brick. Ceramic paver.

With its own barriers, which have been significantly expanded in recent years, Cerâmica Vale da Gândara provides its customers with guarantees of the continuity of raw materials, a crucial condition for the quality and stability of the final product. Since 2007, Cerâmica Vale da Gândara has been incorporated into the Spanish Ceramic Group La Paloma, the Iberian market leader.


Production and Engineering
As a result of the changes made in the manufacturing process, CVG has positioned itself in the high end of the market, producing Klinker.